New Instagram API announcement

As some of you know Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion way back in 2012. We are now seeing some of the consequences of this acquisition. Last year around the last quarter of 2019, Instagram announced the end of the long lived Instagram developer platform, what did they also say? Instagram is re-launching this feature in Facebook Developers Platform.

Most of us humans with no business and only a few followers in our Instagram account will not be affected by this change; however, the story is different for business. Basic Instagram feed displayed in websites will no longer work under the current Instagram Feed API. This means, that us, web/software developers get to play with the Instagram Feed API called Instagram Basic Display API.

Last year Instagram also announced that under the current Instagram Feed API (if you already have a key), users, will be able to still display their Instagram feed until the beginning of 2020. Guess what, the time is upon us and last week Instagram announced that the the old Instagram Feed API will be available until March 31,2020.

Instagram API Feed announcement

Large companies which use this API for complex statistics and reports will have more problems as there is a long process they need to follow in order to get approved by Facebook aka Instagram to use the new Instagram Feed API. However, business that only require to display an Instagram feed in their front page are luckier. Instagram has released a tool called User Token Generator

This new tool allows developers to create a long lived token that last 60 days (after 60 days the token needs to be renewed) This longed lived token is used to display the Instagram feed in the front page of a website or an app.

Steps to get this long lived token can be found here, nevertheless, as I just discovered, these steps have changed and now there is a better way by creating a new Instagram product on the Facebook Developers Platform.

Instagram User Token Generator

I'll go through these steps in a next post.