Instagram basic display API Guide Part 1

As our previous post promised, here is the guide how to get the Long lived access token for your Instagram feed.


  • Internet
  • Facebook account (username/password)
  • Instagram account (username/password)

Step 1

Login to Google Developer Platform and click on Get Started link. This will prompt a window that confirms the Facebook account. Facebook will ask you to verify via text message to your phone number.

Instagram basic step1

After successful verification, Facebook will ask you for a Name to your new App. You can use any name that best describes your business.

Instagram basic step11


Step 2

You will be prompt to the Products page, a list of several Facebook products will be presented on screen. Choose Instagram product and click "set up"


Instagram basic step2


After this, a new item will be added to the sidebar, click on "Basic Display" option under Instagram product. Then click on create new App, this will pop up a window, here you need to name your Instagram App, choose any name that describes your Instagram feed best. i.e. henry does Instagram.


Instagram basic step21

Step 3

At this point, you have already created an Instagram App, we are almost there. The Basic display page will be shown on screen, here you can find some details such as your Instagram ID or Instagram App secret, both used to get the Instagram Feed. First of all add your homepage URL (i.e. into the following fields. Save Changes after.


Instagram basic step3


Finally we need to add testers in order to generate the Long lived token Click on "add or remove Testers"

Instagram basic step31

You will be prompted to the Instagram Roles page. Find the "Instagram Testers" section and press "add Instagram Testers", here you need to add your Instagram account or the Instagram account that will be linked to your Facebook account.

Instagram basic step32


Either way, after pressing submit, you need to login into Instagram (with the previously submitted Instagram account) and accept the request to be a tester. You can do this by clicking here.

Instagram basic step33


Step 4

Once the Instagram Tester(s) have accepted the request, you will be able to generate a token. Come back to the Facebook developer Platform, Basic display page. Click Generate Token to see the token.

Instagram basic step4


instagram display token


The next steps require developer/coding PHP/HTML knowledge, we will post the next steps very soon. Keep an eye here!.