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How to Install Google reCaptcha V3

We talked about in our previous blog how Google helps contact forms to block spams and possible hackers, link here: How to install Google reCaptcha V2.

Instagram basic display API Guide Part 3 (JavaScript)

Part 1 of this tutorial described how the new Instagram API, implemented on Facebook Developer Platform has changed and how to get the new Long lived token using the Token...

Instagram basic display API Guide Part 2 (PHP)

This is Part 2 of how to get a simple Instagram feed for your website using the new Instagram Basic Display API and their tool User Token Generator.

Instagram basic display API Guide Part 1

As our previous post promised, here is the guide how to get the Long lived access token for your Instagram feed.

New Instagram API announcement

As some of you know Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion way back in 2012. We are now seeing some of the consequences of this acquisition.